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News Blitz: Decker's retirement and roster predictions

Today’s News Blitz has looks at the depth at receiver growing even thinner as the cut down to a 53-man roster draws near.


As the preseason draws to a close, the reality of the regular season begins to take hold across the NFL.

Teams will play their final preseason game this week leading up to the cut down to 53-man rosters on Saturday evening.

Then the page is turned toward game preparations for the opening weekend of regular season action.

It's about as busy a time of year as teams will face with many layers of roster building and preparations coming together all at once.

As the Patriots get close to putting together the team that will take on the Texans on opening day, one of the prevalent storylines is the lack of depth at the receiver position.

The Boston Globe writes about that depth growing even thinner with veteran Eric Decker announcing his retirement on Sunday afternoon. The Globe takes a shot at projecting the Patriots 53-man roster a week before the actual cutdown takes place. The Globe notes that Tom Brady cut his weekly interview with WEEI short on Monday morning after questions regarding his body coach and business partner, Alex Guerrero. The Globe reviews a new NFL-related book from Mark Leibovich that includes a look at Brady and the Patriots. The Globe takes a look at how Matt Patricia and Mike Vrabel might embrace the Belichick Way in their new jobs as head coaches in Detroit and Tennessee, respectively.

NBC Sports Boston writes that Brady is “just not hung up on what people say anymore,” as it relates to his ending the Monday morning WEEI interview. NBC Sports Boston says the Patriots can survive with just three receiver, but other injuries complicate things. NBC Sports Boston has its latest roster projection in the form of an annoying slideshow.

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