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Patriots Cheerleaders: Where Are They Now? Sloane Heffernan

The Patriots Cheerleaders Alumnae share what they have been up to since retiring their cheer uniform.

We are excited to announce an exciting new feature that will highlight the lives and accomplishments of our alumnae cheerleaders. "Where Are They Now?" will give #PatsNation a chance to see what their favorite former cheerleaders have been up to since retiring their uniform. First to be featured is Sloane Heffernan:


Sloane Heffernan, born and raised in New Bedford, MA, was a New England Patriots Cheerleader in the early 90s. Her years with the Patriots set the stage for the rest of her professional life. At just 18 years old, she was the youngest woman to make the team. She had just graduated from high school and didn't have any immediate plans to continue her education. "The intelligent, ambitious, and confident women that I met on the squad empowered me to go back to college and become a journalist", said Sloane. 

She attended Emerson College in Boston and had her first internship in the sports department at WBZ with Steve Burton. She later went on to cover local news at NBC affiliates in Fort Myers, FL, Albany, GA, and, currently, Raleigh, NC. Sloane recently won an Emmy Award for breaking news coverage in North Carolina! In addition to enjoying incredible professional success, Sloane is happily married to the man she was dating back when she made the squad in 1990! They have three beautiful children together, as well as an English Bulldog named Rosie-Belle.

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