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Patriots Unfiltered Q&A: Trade for a QB?, Young leaders stepping up, NFL Draft talk

Fans' questions in this week's mailbag focus on the possibility of the Patriots trading for a quarterback, young leaders stepping up, and who New England could select in the NFL Draft.


Do you think trading for Marcus Mariota could be a possibility? I think he could be a good bridge quarterback if the Raiders part ways with him.

Blair Boone

Depending on what is available come free agency, Mariota could be an option for the Patriots. Don't expect the Patriots to bring in Mariota as a day one starter, but rather as a quarterback that would compete for a starting role in training camp. Mariota has some upside, but is not a serviceable starter like say Jimmy Garoppolo, Matthew Stafford, or Jared Goff. Now, if Mariota is the best available veteran option, the Patriots should consider it. Keep in mind, there is plenty of time left. When it comes to quarterbacks, this could be the most interesting offseason yet, and not just for the Patriots, for the league.

Megan O'Brien

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What are the chances Bill Belichick trades for Matthew Stafford? I think his numbers speak for themselves even though he hasn't been on good teams. If the Patriots can get him some weapons, this season would be great.

Mark Silveria

Stafford is an interesting candidate. Reportedly, there is a lot of interest in the 33-year quarterback. In order to get Stafford, it would likely cost the Patriots a high draft pick. Given the amount of holes on the roster, giving up a first or second round pick doesn't really make sense. However, if the Patriots believe in Stafford, are willing to give up draft capital, and then spend money to obtain weapons in free agency, it could work. Realistically, Stafford to New England does not make a ton of sense given the work that needs to be done in order to rebuild the rest of the roster.

Megan O'Brien

How much of the defensive problems this past season can we attribute to the play calling of Steve Belichick?

David Duguay

It's really tough to say because along with Steve, there are a lot of factors that played a role in the defensive struggles this season. For starters, the Patriots were relying on young players to take on some pretty big roles. Perhaps some of those players weren't quite ready for those roles just yet. Additionally, while we have heard that Steve Belichick is calling the plays, we don't know who is coming up with the defensive game plan. We also don't know what role Jerod Mayo plays in the defense as a whole. While it may be easy to point fingers to one person to blame the defense's shortcommings, without a de facto defensive coordinator, it is difficult to determine where the blame falls.

Megan O'Brien

Who are the next wave of leaders on the current roster that can help transition the Patriots to the next chapter?

Matt Esescon

While he just completed his rookie season, Kyle Dugger showed a lot of promise. He could certainly be someone the coaching staff could look to as the team turns the page to the next chapter. Chase Winovich, Josh Uche, and Anfernee Jennings are other players that could be put in that category as well. On the offensive side of the ball, the picture is a bit blurry. However, Damien Harris has shown a lot of progress and seems to be an emerging leader in the locker room.

Megan O'Brien

If still available at #15, would you prefer Kyle Pitts, Jaylen Waddle, Mac Jones, or trade back?

Trygve Johannes Lereim

If Kyle Pitts is available, take him. While it is unclear how well he can block, he is an immediate threat in the passing game. Pitts is the type of player that defenses have to game plan around. It is unlikely that Pitts falls to 15, but if he does, he would make an immediate impact on the Patriots offense.

Megan O'Brien


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