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What They're Saying: AFC Coaches on the Patriots

Find out what AFC head coaches are saying about the Patriots offseason, sustained success and more.

On how much longer Bill Belichick will coach...

"I don't think he's slowing down. I mean, the guy is winning rings. He's stumbling over all the rings he's winning, and it's for a reason. He's not slowing down any time soon."
- Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

On the Patriots aggressive offseason...

"I think the Patriots always do a great job. Bill and his whole staff, his scouting department are phenomenal in what they do. They're having another excellent offseason."
- Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

"The Patriots aren't going anywhere. We're chasing them. Everybody's chasing them. They're on top right now for obvious reasons. They have a great coaching staff, great players. They're doing what they need to do and everybody else is doing what they need to do to try to get better. They've done a good job of adding players they feel fit their system. I know the players they added – whether it's [wide receiver Brandin] Cooks or [cornerback Stephon] Gilmore – those guys are good players and they're going to help them. The Patriots do a great job."
- Houston Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien

"That's why I wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning. They do a great job with building their football team whether it's through the draft, late free agency signings, they find pieces that fit what they're trying to do and they're very strategic. Nick Caserio I know well does a great job on the personnel side, and then their coaching staff does a great job. Obviously, it's led by one of the greats of all time."
- Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

On the Patriots sustained success...

"It's one thing to have success, it's another thing to sustain it. To me that starts from leadership, and they set the tone, really. I'm sure they do a great job in that regard. It's obvious, it's out there. They've been able to sustain the success and we're all scrambling to be able to try to catch up to them."
- Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

"It's really impressive. I've got a lot of respect for it from a competitive standpoint. Their résumé speaks for itself. It needs no endorsement from me. They have extreme consistency in the key components: Coach Belichick and that quarterback [Tom Brady]."
- Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin

On the addition of TE Dwayne Allen...

"I think we lost a great player in Dwayne. He's been a staple in our offense for the last five years. We came (to the Colts) together back in 2012. You're getting a really good football player. You're getting a great person. You're getting a guy that is going to be excellent in that locker room. You're getting a guy that will buy in, and he is going to do his job. We hate to lose Dwayne but it's the National Football League. He understands that. We understand that. Dwayne is an excellent football player. I know he has a lot of great years left in him. We're fortunate to have had him for the past five years. We wish him well, grateful for what he has done for the organization, but we feel good with the guys we have and this draft is loaded with talent at that position."
- Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano

On the addition of DL Lawrence Guy...

"They're getting a blue colar, under valued player around the league. Don't sleep on Lawrence Guy. Don't underestimate this player. He's a really good football player against run and pass. Love him to death. Everytime I see him he gives me this big Lawrence Guy hug. He's a great guy. He'll be a leader in the locker room. I thought it was a great signing by the Patriots."
- Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

On the addition of RB Rex Burkhead...

"He's a hard working guy who always wants to be out there. He played through some injuries this year earlier in the year when we got banged up at running back."
- Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis

On the Raiders upcoming game against the Patriots in Mexico City...

"Yeah, we look forward to competing against the very best. Obviously, for a number of years now, the combination of Brady and Belichick has been special. Those guys have been tremendous. I know my son will be excited to watch that game because he's a big Tom Brady fan. I look forward to the matchup. It's always a tough matchup. That's a really good team, well-coached… obviously that's one [game] we're all aware of."
- Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio

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