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What They're Saying: Baltimore Ravens


Baltimore Ravens coaches and players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On playing the Patriots...

"We're definitely the type of team that's prepared to play this team and definitely one that's going to give them a run for their money."
- Ravens DT Brandon Williams

"You definitely can't make a lot of mistakes against New England. I think they're very efficient; they play winning football all the time. That's their focus, it always has been. Extremely well-coached, very smart players, excellent players playing very well, and you've got to make the most of every opportunity in a game like this."
- Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

"You have to sharpen your tools, because they're definitely sharpening theirs."
- Ravens DT Brandon Williams

On the Patriots defense...

"We'll see how good they are once we play them. I don't think they've seen anything like our offense or like Lamar. They're a good team and we'll need to bring our 'A' game"
- Ravens TE Nick Boyle

"They're creating an incredible amount of turnovers, especially early in games. But the basis of it to me is they're an old-school defense. They're a big, strong defense. They play straight ahead. They play square. They lock out. They get off blocks. They keep their eyes on their responsibility. They'll play a good mix of man and zone but mostly man in the back end. They have cover guys back there that can cover exceptionally well. [They have] a lot of experience in the back end, as well, so they know what they're doing. They play with good technique. It's just a very solid defense, a very physical defense, too."
- Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

On Bill Belichick...

"If you're a head coach, or you're any kind of a coach in this league, and you're not watching what Bill Belichick is doing with his football team every single week, even throughout the offseason, then I think you're making a big mistake."
- Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

On Tom Brady...

"How efficient he is, I guess, is the word. He's probably the best … He and Peyton Manning are probably the two best ever at dissecting the defense intellectually and knowing where to go with the ball, knowing where he wants to go with the ball, setting himself up pre-snap to have that throw, getting the ball out and getting it out very accurately and quickly, as you said. So, that's what makes him who he is."
- Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

"Tom Brady is definitely the one at the top. He has six Super Bowls. He's definitely the GOAT."
- Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

"He's just so cool. In the pocket, he drops back, he looks so smooth. It doesn't even look like he's dropping. It looks like he's really just standing there waiting for something to happen, just picking the defense apart. I'm not going against Brady, because I'm not playing against him; the defense is. But to win versus him would be pretty cool."
- Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

"He's kind of the head of the snake. In order to kill the snake, you've got to get the head. That's what we plan on doing. We've just got to push the pocket and play our style of football."
- Ravens DT Brandon Williams

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