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What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills


Buffalo Bills coaches and players discuss their upcoming game against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

On the Patriots...

"They've got a ton of weapons. I feel like their weapons this year outnumber the weapons they've had in recent years. With Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] probably playing in our game, they'll be at full strength."

- Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

"They're a good football team. There's no question about that. Fortunately, I just have to play their defense. That's my focus this week. They've got a good defense. They've got a good scheme to try and take away guys and who they think are going to be our biggest threats and take away the things that we do well. They are a good football team, but I just have to focus on their defense."

- Buffalo Bills Quarterback Derek Anderson

"Any time you can go up against one of the best to ever do it, it's a tremendous challenge. But it's one that we're looking forward to and hopefully we can go out and give our fans a show and come out with a victory."

- Buffalo Bills Cornerback Tre'Davious White

On the Patriots Offense...

"They can beat you in so many different ways. You stop them one way, they come at you another way. You stop them that way, they come at you a whole different way then. They've got so many ways to beat you. We've just go to try to limit what they do well and just try to make plays."

- Buffalo Bills Cornerback Tre'Davious White

On Bill Belichick...

"I was with him for 11 years, so there's not much that I haven't taken from him or learned from him. He's a phenomenal football coach, and his track record speaks for itself."

- Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll

On Tom Brady...

"We have a lot of respect for Tom Brady and love the way that he's driven to win and prepare to win probably most importantly. He's as good as there is out there and I'm sure that he'll be in the Hall of Fame someday."

- Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

"I think you've seen all of the highlights and been around long enough. He's smart, instinctive, accurate, good leader, great practice player, knows where to go with the ball, quick release, understands his protections, been in the same system for 19, 18 years. Yeah, he's real good."

- Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll

"He's obviously a terrific quarterback and a Hall of Fame quarterback, so he presents a lot of challenges for any defense that faces him. We'll definitely be challenged on Monday, but that's part of what we do. In the NFL, you face great players all the time, and we'll have to be able to rise to the challenge."

- Bills Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier

On Julian Edelman...

"He invites contact. A lot of slot players don't really want contact as much. He really invites it. He's a strong player, strong at the top of the route. He's really good when he has the ball in his hands."

- Buffalo Bills Cornerback Taron Johnson

On Josh Gordon...

"He's a vertical threat, a big receiver that can really run, has tremendous talent and I've got to get more familiarity with how they're using him, which we will over the next few days. I just know that he's a big, physical talent that has a lot of athletic ability. "

- Bills Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier

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