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What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills

Find out what the Buffalo Bills are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On playing the Patriots...
"Yeah they're a team that's been very well coached for a long time. I mean Belichick's one of the best for sure so he'll have a pretty good game plan for sure. As the offense we've got to go out there and execute. I think he'll make adjustments he'll bring things out we haven't seen and we'll bring some new things out that they haven't seen so it will be one of those types of games. I think with this game something that will be big is just the management of the ball. Management of the ball, throwing the field. Them not having their top guy out there on defense they'll do a lot of unique types of looks, blitzes, but you know as offense we're gonna have to put points up. I think the more points we put up, puts a lot more pressure on that offense."
- Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy

"They are a complete team. They do a great job on special teams. Their defense pitches a shutout on primetime TV so we know we have to come with our 'A' game."
- Bills Linebacker Jerry Hughes

On Jamie Collins...
"Guy's a great player. He bursts on the scene a few years ago. When he came out of Southern Miss is a guy that like wow could this guy run. But man he's really coming into becoming a great player. All-around player. You can do a lot of different things with him. You can put him in blitz; you can put him in man coverage, zone coverage, and he seems to be doing a tremendous job there."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

On the Patriots run game...
"I've played against them a number of years, you see the same things that you saw a decade ago. Physical offensive line that plays hard and doesn't make mistakes, a running back that hits things downhill, a tough runner. So it's going to be a great test for us. There's no doubt about it. Coach Scarnecchia always does a great job with his O-line and they don't beat themselves. So just be on top of our jobs and be ready a physical football game on Sunday."
- Bills Defensive Tackle Kyle Williams

On LeGarrette Blount...
"Just a big, mean, physical back. That's how he runs, that's how he's always run."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

On what winning this week would mean...
"It would definitely be big for us. Each week is definitely a big opportunity for us to take a step in the right direction and getting a win on the road first time this year would definitely be big for us. We're putting in the work. Still dialing away at the game plan. Guys are still trying to get better, still trying to get better from last week, but definitely looking forward to the challenge we have ahead of us."
- Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

On respect for Bill Belichick...
"I think when you look at it, they've been the standard of this league. Not just in our conference or division or whatever. They've been the standard of the league. So you want to put yourself up against the best. I think everybody saw what happened when everybody's saying 'No Tom Brady, this team is going to be a disaster.' Well they're 3-0 last time I checked and beat some pretty good football teams. We need a win in the worst way, but, as far as the Patriots, I think, my admiration is really for Belichick more than anything. As a coach, that's the guy, that's the best. He'll go down as probably the best in the history of the game. So, I like poking fun at him and all that stuff but there's no coach I respect more than him."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

On having to game plan for two quarterbacks...
"They are going to have game plan specific things for who the quarterback is and we understand that and we'll be prepared. It may take a little more time than it normally would, but I'd rather do that than face Tom Brady so I'm OK with that."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

On Chris Hogan...
"He looks good. Always a big fan of Chris'. He made a great catch up the seam the other day. He's just a productive guy. Hated to lose him, quite honestly. You know what, there's a reason he's making the money. He earned it and is doing a nice job for them."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

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