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What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills

Find out what Buffalo Bills coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, December 26, 2021.


Buffalo Bills coaches and players discuss their upcoming game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, December 26, 2021.

On facing the Patriots...

"We're excited. Anytime we're in this position, it's big. I mean, we're excited, but we take it a game at a time now. I know guys will be excited honestly, based on what happened last time, just to have another go-around with them. We know it's gonna be a good challenge for us and our guys are gonna be ready."

- Bills Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds

"It's always a challenge the second time that you're playing a team during the season. But again, it's going to come down to doing our best to try to come up with a good plan and then ultimately executing that plan. That will be a challenging game because it's always challenging when you play this team."

- Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll

"Where we are in this season in December here, late December, entering into late December at least. I think the guys shouldn't lack for much motivation at this point. This is what you work all offseason for and all season. You want to continue to improve your play every week."

- Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

"Games are getting harder, and the games are more meaningful. And that's what you want, that's what you sign up for. So, guys are excited for the opportunity to be able to go out and show what we can do on Sunday."

- Buffalo Bills Safety Jordan Poyer

"With all the distractions that could be distractions, we've just got to make sure we're talking to each other and leaning on each other and not letting little things become big things. More importantly, letting the main thing be the main thing. And that's to go out and try to execute and win a game Sunday against a really good opponent. It's gonna take all of us, practice squad included. From everyone from the mailroom to the cafeteria, it's gonna take us all. But we're excited for an opportunity like this."

- Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen

On the atmosphere at Gillette Stadium...

"Every game from here on out is like a playoff game, and the type of atmosphere that's going to be there. I mean, the energy is going to be extremely high, we know that the crowd is gonna be really loud. We know that and so we got to prepare as best as we can and again, be prepared as possible before we step foot in that stadium on Sunday and not let it affect us and really just do our jobs."

- Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen

On defending against the Patriots offense...

"There's tremendous value in being able to minimize the run game so that quarterback can't lean on it, Most offenses want to be two-dimensional. They want to be balanced and be able to run the ball, play action pass, and take shots down the field. So when you take that run game away and make them a one-dimensional offense, it's just so much easier for us to defend that style of offense versus when it's balanced."

- Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier

"We understand the lack of respect for I'm talking about our group in particular, but even for our defense. … We use it as fire, we use it as fuel to fuel the fire and really try to just continue to come in here every day. And days that maybe we are tired and coming in here, Micah and I are motivating each other saying, 'Hey, they don't respect us. We got to go to work.' And it's just a little motivation that we continue to use."

- Buffalo Bills Safety Jordan Poyer

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