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What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills


A look at what the Buffalo Bills coaches and players are saying heading into their game against the New England Patriots.

On playing the Patriots...

"You see great teams who get embarrassed throughout the years. For us, you understand that we've had some success in the past but that's not going to bring us success this Saturday and unless we bring ourselves and bring competitive spirit and understand that we're going to get their best shot."

- Bills C Mitch Morse

"That's our next challenge. It's not like we've proven much. We've just been knocking down the challenges that have been in front of us. In order for us to get to where we want to go next - that's to hang a banner up here - we have to handle the Patriots. ... This is the playoffs for us. Playoffs start early."

- Bills DE Jerry Hughes

"They're the best for a reason. They've been trailblazers in terms of some of the things that they do situationally, personnel-wise, I'm sure operationally and on the field just how they've won games. Really in a lot of ways the rest of the league is chasing them from that standpoint."

- Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

"It's a challenge for us. A second-year quarterback hasn't won for God knows how long against Belichick, but we're excited about those challenges. That's what makes football exciting, and the guys in this building are eager to go out there and put it to the test. ... We're excited to write our own history here."

- Bills DE Jerry Hughes

"It's an opportunity for us to continue to grow as football team. We certainly respect the Patriots; they've reigned over this division, by far, for a long time. So, to have a game like this at this point in the season, our players have worked hard for it. So, you earn everything you get in this league, and so they've earned that, but we're going to have to earn it this weekend because the Patriots, they play well, and especially down-the-stretch."

- Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

On the battle for the division...

"We want to at least put ourselves in a position that we can obtain it and to do that we have to put our best foot forward on Saturday and try and go win a game."

- Bills QB Josh Allen

On Tom Brady...

"We're talking about a first ballot Hall of Famer now and that hasn't changed, even at this point of his career. He's a terrific player, arguably the greatest competitor that has ever played the game. We'll have our hands full going up there to try and get a win."

- Bills Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier

On the Patriots secondary...

"They're extremely talented. They play well together and they're on the same page with a lot of the things that they do. It's been built well by Coach [Bill] Belichick, and he's got some really good players back there in a really good system, really good scheme."

- Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

On Stephon Gilmore...

"He's fearless. He believes in himself 100% and every play it's going to be something I have to come with. Especially playing receiver you have to have a Plan A and a Plan B. ... He's just real talented and I got a lot of respect."

- Bills WR John Brown

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