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What They're Saying: Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos coaches and players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On playing the Patriots...

"When you're playing the Patriots, you have to have a great week of detail. You can't lose the snap, pre-snap. It's a smart team. It's a detailed team. They play with great focus and detail, I should say. We have to match that. If our football IQ is not high enough to match it, we cannot beat this team. It's about us and doing what we do, but also about matching the Patriots football IQ because it's high."
- Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph

"It is the perfect opponent. I think anytime you find yourself in a losing streak like this and not playing good football, you want to play a great opponent because if you can go out there and play a good football game and find a way to get a win, it's going to create a ton of momentum for your football team."
- Broncos Quarterback Brock Osweiler

"They're a good football team. The best time to turn it around is against a team like this that are not going to beat themselves. They're going to be very disciplined and very detailed, and focused on their jobs. We can definitely take something from that."
- Broncos Running Back C.J. Anderson


"We've had a tough stretch here. The perfect cure is to play a team like this. It's the best of the best. For us to get our good feeling back, it's the perfect opponent on national TV. I'm very excited for Sunday night."
- Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph

"We definitely want to stop the streak that we're on, losing wise. Who else better to do it against than the Patriots on Sunday Night Football where—this is like a division game to me. I've played them so many times. They know me. I know them. The way they play the game, the way they approach it, how they're coached, it's perfect for us."
- Broncos Running Back C.J. Anderson

On the Patriots defense...

"The last four weeks, they're down to 12.8 points a game, and that's the greatest stat for a defense that you can have is a really low points allowed. So, that's where they're good on defense. It's a defense that's very detailed in their assignments, it's a difficult defense, you don't see many guys running free in the secondary, so that's going to be a challenge for our guys to, again, match their discipline and match their effort on that side of the ball."
- Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph


On the Patriots offense...

"They do a great job with the game plan. They do a really good job with the schemes every single year that I've been in the National Football League. They do an incredible job game planning for whoever it is, for whatever defense, whatever is going to give them the best odds to win. They do a really good job with that. Plus they have really good players so it's a two-headed monster."
- Broncos Linebacker Von Miller

On Tom Brady...

"I just love his competitive spirit. I think maybe the best example is probably in the Super Bowl, he's never going to quit. He plays with a lot of fire, a lot of passion and that makes him a lot of fun to watch."
- Broncos Quarterback Brock Osweiler

"He's playing at a high level. I don't see a drop off at all. He's obviously a smart football player, but his arm talent is excellent. His ball placement has been excellent. His poise in the pocket—obviously, he's one of the best of all times, so it's going to be a challenge for our defense on Sunday."
- Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph

On the challenge of going against players of Tom Brady's caliber...

"I like going against the best. I like going against the best and having success against the best. I like going against the best and having great games against the best. It's different if you just go against anybody. It's not the same. But if you go against the best and you have success against the best that's what this league is all about. That's what makes the game great."
- Broncos Linebacker Von Miller

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