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What They're Saying: Houston Texans

Find out what Houston Texans coaches and players are saying as they head into their game with the New England Patriots.

On Bill Belichick...
"I have a ton of respect for him. He's a great friend. I got a lot of friends on that staff. Great coaching staff and really good, well coached football team. We're just trying to grind here and trying to do the best we can to put together a good game plan."
- Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien


On the game...
"It's a huge challenge and like you said on a short week. Anytime you play the New England Patriots, you know it's going to be a challenge. Then when you add in the factor that it's on the road and it's on a short week, it's an extra big challenge. We know what we're facing. We're facing an extremely talented football team that has won a ton of football games in the recent past. The one thing I can tell you is I know our football team is very excited to go up there and face that challenge and get this game started."
- Texans Quarterback Brock Osweiler

On facing rookie QB Jacoby Brissett...
"He's on a good team. I can't really buy into that too much, him just being a rookie, because a rookie can also go out there and do some great things. As you can see, Dak (Prescott) is doing great things up in Dallas. It's one of those things that we're going to prepare for him just like he's a guy that could do a lot of bad things to us."
- Texans Cornerback Charles James

On pressuring young quarterbacks...
"Yeah, try to get them rattled from the start, especially with young quarterbacks, guys who don't have a lot of experience. Try to get them guessing and all that and get them antsy in the pocket."
- Texans Outside Linebacker Whitney Mercilus

On playing at Gillette Stadium being a tough place to play at...
"I think in this league anytime you go on the road in a tough environment, it's always going to be hard on you a little bit. That's part of being in the National Football League. To be a good team, you have to go out on the road and play in those environments."
- Texans Cornerback Johnathan Joseph

On if injury questions change the approach for preparing for the Patriots...
"The Patriots are a good team overall. With the coaches that they have, they know how to get guys ready to go out there and win a game, no matter who it is. We'll prepare all the same no matter what and we'll find out who exactly is going to be the key for them."
- Texans Outside Linebacker Whitney Mercilus

On what makes Julian Edelman special...
"He's a complete receiver. He's tough. He's always had a good working relationship with the quarterbacks, they've both always been on the same page. He's one of those guys that can really hurt you with the run after the catch."
- Texans Cornerback Johnathan Joseph

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