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What They're Saying: Houston Texans


Houston Texans coaches and players discuss their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On the Patriots run game...

"I think, Coach [Bill] Belichick, one of the things that he's always done is he will play to his strengths. And so having that stable of running backs that he has and good offensive line, and he's running the ball and teams are not able to stop him because he's No. 1 in the league. So, why change it? I think that as long as he can run, he's going to continue to run."

- Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel

"That stable of backs that he's got, he's using them to his best advantage. That makes the running game more difficult that the quarterback can run, and I think these offensive linemen that they've got, they're doing a pretty decent job of getting on people and cutting people off to create space for the runner."

- Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel

On facing a Bill Belichick led team...

"Well, if you're in coaching, you enjoy being challenged, and that's what it is. Of course, you like to try to win when you're going against a guy that you've worked with and coached against and all that. So, it'll be exciting."

- Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel

On Cam Newton...

"He is a big man and he can run and he doesn't mind running, particularly as you get him into the red zone, he'll pull it down. You have to be disciplined in your rush lanes and how you rush the guy because if you are undisciplined and you've got three guys on one side and one guy on the other, that creates a big running lane for the quarterback. We have to be disciplined and have two inside rushers, two outside rushers and collapse the pocket on him so that he can't run."

- Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel

"He's obviously big, physical. He can run. He can throw. You've got to be aware of his capabilities in every single play. He can do just about anything out there."

- Defensive End J.J. Watt

"Cam is a big brother to me, a mentor. I wouldn't even say mentor, just brother. Just life experiences, life advice, football advice. Just always been there for me since I was in high school. Me and him have a great relationship. We always support each other. He's a guy that I based my game, especially at a young age, around what he did. He was definitely a reason why I watched Auburn in college and things like that. He's just always been my favorite quarterback. It's a cool opportunity for us to be able to go against each other, too."

- Quarterback DeShaun Watson

"I mean, they obviously do things different with Cam than they did with Tom. Cam's obviously much more involved in the running game. He has the ability to scramble more. Tom obviously is the greatest of all time. There's certainly a different aspect to the game and the way that you attack it, but it's just like any game. You have to watch the film, study them, do your best job preparing and then go out there and play on Sunday."

- Defensive End J.J. Watt

On J.C. Jackson...

"A very athletic guy that loves to challenge the receivers. He's been playing a lot of good football and creating turnovers for New England. A guy whose confidence has grown over the years. He's definitely playing some of his best ball for sure."

- Quarterback DeShaun Watson

On Damien Harris...

"Harris, he is a really good runner. He runs downhill. He runs with effort. He breaks tackles. He's one guy that you have to tackle. You just can't wish him down. Depending on who's doing the tackling, you might have to have more than one guy there to get him down."

- Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel

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