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What They're Saying: Jacksonville Jaguars


On Playing the Patriots...

"We're playing an AFC team that's a heck of a football team, and we've just got to get ready and do the best job we can to prepare for them."
- Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone

"They're motivated to win the game just like we're motivated to win the game because it's an important game. It's a conference game against a good opponent. I think there's mutual respect on both sides of the field. We know that they're a really good team that's going to be there at the end and I hope they think that we're a good team that's going to be there at the end. And that's enough motivation already just because we have these two teams, you know you're competing for a chance to be there at the end and have control when the end comes."
- Jaguars Defensive End Calais Campbell

"The magnitude of the game ... we want to go 2-0 on the season. We feel like we're going to be in the playoffs, so we want to gain home-field advantage. We feel like if we can get a win on them, that would be huge."
- Jaguars Linebacker Myles Jack

On Fan Excitement Heading into the Game...

"It's the biggest stage Duval has seen in a while, especially in the regular season. I'm expecting a playoff-type atmosphere. Everybody wants revenge, and I want to give it to everybody."
- Jaguars Safety Tashaun Gipson

On Rob Gronkowski...

"He's unbelievable. I mean, matchup problem – I mean, how do you match up with him? How do you defend him? You've seen it throughout the years, whether you put two guys on him, he still goes up and makes the play, You put one guy on him, you put a smaller guy, a bigger guy. I mean, through my time with Buffalo and then obviously we try to do many different things and we try to do different things here, the guy just always comes up and he always makes plays."
- Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone

"You look at a guy like Gronk - if I'm his quarterback, I'm throwing 87 the ball all day, too; I don't care who he's on. He's the best tight end in the league and will probably go down as the best tight end in history – and he's in his prime right now. He's the best for a reason. You have to definitely do your best – no matter who's guarding him: whether it's Jalen [Ramsey], whether it's myself ... whoever's guarding him for that opportunity, you know he's going to make his opportunities because he's going to get the ball. He's going to win some and we're going to win some. That's just part of good on good. It's going to be a fun matchup."
- Jaguars Safety Tashaun Gipson

On the Patriots Offense...

"I've always thought that offensive line wise, they do a heck of a job. Coach [Dante] Scarnecchia is probably one of the best that's ever coached the position. I have a ton of respect for him. I think that the wide outs – obviously, Chris Hogan was with me. I know what he can do. Phillip [Dorsett] has done a great job coming in there and being around for a year. You can see he's getting comfortable with it. Obviously, the two backs have great skill and different sets, whether it's running, catching, whatever it may be. And then you have probably one of the best tight ends in the game – obviously, probably the greatest quarterback that's played, and I mean that sincerely. Tommy's a – you know, I've seen him for a long time and he's a great competitor. The guy's won a ton of football games and he's very difficult to beat."
- Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone

On the Patriots Defense...

"I think that the one thing I've always admired is the guys up front. I think from Trey Flowers to whether it be [Adrian Clayborn] or whoever's in there on the end, whoever is playing there, Lawrence Guy – I mean, those guys are just all-day suckers now. They work their butt off. I think Malcom Brown's probably the most underrated guy. I mean, he's really done a heck of a job. He was a load for us last year. I think he's a load again this year. He's a three-down player, plays really well. I think the linebackers, they're excellent, they hold the point real well, they're downhill, they're good in coverage. And they've got a lot of different personnel groups, so they've got a lot of guys playing and we've got to be ready for it. I think that, obviously, [Patrick] Chung and [Devin] McCourty have been back there. We know them. Obviously, [Stephon] Gilmore I know well from Buffalo. I think he's a great player. And then Eric Rowe's out there. So, the combination of all those guys and the different guys they play create great challenges for us."
- Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone

On the Need to Pressure Tom Brady...

"My job is to get to the quarterback and make him uncomfortable. Doesn't matter who it is, but the more you hit a quarterback, the more you make him uncomfortable, the more normal they become. Doesn't matter who you're talking about. So that's my job and the rest of the d-line's job to try to get Tom Brady as uncomfortable as possible."
- Jaguars Defensive End Calais Campbell

On Needing to Play the Full 60 Minutes Against the Patriots...

"We have to finish games. That's important, especially against a team like the Patriots who have the best quarterback to ever play the game. It's never over when you have Tom Brady back there and he has weapons. He's a special guy so we have to play for 60 minutes and maybe more because it's never over with him. We've seen it time and time again. You go back to the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl, I mean, it's like, wow. Tom Brady can do amazing things so for us, even though – even if we do get a big lead, which would be nice, that'd be awesome – we know it's never over until there's zeros on the clock."
- Jaguars Defensive End Calais Campbell

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