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What They're Saying: Los Angeles Chargers


Los Angeles Chargers coaches and players discuss their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On the Patriots defense...

"They're really fun to watch on film. They are extremely well coached. Any time you get a combination of incredible players and coaching like that, it creates a tough defense. They're about as good as it gets. It's a great challenge and great opportunity for us to go up against one of the best defenses in the world. We'll watch as much film as we can and try put together a good protection plan for the run and pass game so it gives ourselves a shot on Sunday."

- LA Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert

"We're playing a really good Patriots team that has a lot of history. They're always tough. Going against this kind of defense and who it is it's always going to be a tough out. We'll have to be on our details and be ready to go."

- LA Chargers Tight End Hunter Henry

"They're going to come up and challenge us. They're going to throw different looks at you and do different things that just make you think. You have to be ready to go. I think the mental preparation coming into the game you have to be ready to go and when it comes time you just have to make plays. We have to win our one-on-one matchups and make plays."

- LA Chargers Tight End Hunter Henry

On the Patriots offense...

"They're smart and they do a really great job getting the ball to the right guys and letting them go make plays. They're really good at scheming up. It's just one of those offenses where they have an answer for everything and that's just what I love about football."

- LA Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert

"It's tough. They know how to attack you. Every time we've played them they've gotten the ball out quick. I'm sure there is going to be a lot of screens. I'm sure they are going to be getting the ball out and they'll be running the ball a lot. Bill Belichick always does a great job attacking your weakness and understanding what you do well and then attacking that. So, we are going to have to have a good pass rush because they are going to try to do things to slow that down with the screens and the runs. If we are able to stop the run then we should be able to get after him."

- LA Chargers Defensive End Joey Bosa

On Cam Newton...

"Cam Newton is a dual threat. He does a lot of things well, as far as quarterback driven runs and he can throw the ball. This guy was a league MVP and led his team to a Super Bowl. He is a threat and a weapon. He's hard to prepare for."

- LA Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn

"I've always watched a bunch of Cam Newton. Especially, when he played against Oregon in the national championship in 2010. It was a tough game for me to watch growing up being a Duck fan and seeing them lose, but over the course of the years he's been to the Super Bowl, was an MVP and had a great career. I think it will be another great opportunity to learn from him on the field and be able to watch him play."

- LA Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert

"I think he's doing a good job especially as of late. I think the coaches there do a really good job of scheme. They have a good running game that sets up other things. He's kind of a guy similar to last week that you know is going to try to make plays, stay in the pocket, hold on to the ball and he's a guy that can do that, so you have to make sure to watch out for that. It opens up doors for us to keep rushing and eventually get him down if he tries to make plays with his feet like that. He's definitely been effective and that coupled with the run game has been pretty good this year. We're going to have to stop that run first to start effecting Cam."

- LA Chargers Defensive End Joey Bosa

"He's able to do it all. He's tough, he's fast and he's a smart quarterback. He can make all the throws and he can extend plays with the run. He's really tough to go up against. So, that's one of the aspects of the quarterback's play that changes the game."

- LA Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert

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