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What They're Saying: New York Giants


On Playing the Patriots...

"Thursday we are going against a really good team. Obviously, everyone knows about the Patriots and Belichick and Brady, they have the number one defense over there. They're allowing 240 something yards a game, we definitely have to bring our 'A' game, especially on a short week. We have to continue to go out there and take advantage of the plays that they give us and do what we can to come out with a W."
- Giants Running Back Saquon Barkley

"I think we have to play good football against teams like them. You know they are going to come well prepared. Obviously, their defense is ranked number one in the National Football League. That means we are going to have to play good, solid, fundamental football. What I mean by that is hold on to the ball. Be efficient on third down. When we get to the red zone, we have to get seven points. We have to try our best to control the clock the best we possibly can to keep Brady and company off the field. It's always going to be about us. If we do our jobs the best we can and we execute the best we can and take these next few days to really study up on who the New England Patriots are, I think we'll go out there and we will give ourselves a chance to do something special."
- Giants Wide Receiver Golden Tate

"We're looking to go up there and win the game, obviously, but you have to go out there and play well. We want to go up there and put on a good show, for sure."
- Giants LB Alec Ogletree

"Well, we are looking forward to the opportunity, certainly. I really feel like we can measure up against anybody we play if we coach and we play well. So, we are looking forward to going, I guess it's up, to Boston and playing the Patriots."
- Giants Head Coach Pat Shurmur

"We're ready to attack this challenge in a short week against the Patriots. I think we're motivated and I think I feel the energy and the urgency from the team, and I've certainly got to make sure that I do my part."
- Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones

"My mentality is I come into each game expecting to win, no matter who it is. If it's the '85 Bears, I expect to win and that's just how I've grown up in this league and where I've played so far. I don't see it as ifs, just go out there and get it done."
- Giants Wide Receiver Golden Tate

On the Patriots defense...

"They have all of the elements of what makes for a dominating defense. They're very sturdy against the run. When you drop back to pass, they get pressure, whether they're rushing with four or they choose to pressure. Then in the backend, they can play man-to-man coverage or in the case of zone, they do a good job of eliminating the big play. They have all of those elements, and that's why they've had success."
- Giants Head Coach Pat Shurmur

On Bill Belichick...

"He has a roster of players, really good players, and he tries to put them on the field and use their strengths. That's what he does. And then take away what we do well."
- Giants Head Coach Pat Shurmur

On Tom Brady...

"He's a guy who's seen everything you could throw at him. He's obviously done it longer than most anybody on our team, and for us, it's just about executing, and they do a good job of doing that - executing, not making mistakes. We have to do the same, not make mistakes, be where we need to be, have great eyes, and play well."
- Giants LB Alec Ogletree

"He's been doing it for a very long time at a very high level. I mean, what more can you say about that? He's helped his team win multiple Super Bowls and has played extremely well for his team to help them do that. What more can you say?"
- Giants Head Coach Pat Shurmur

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