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What They're Saying: New York Jets

On how the Patriots defense has improved...
"They're playing well against the run, as well playing against the pass. They're doing a lot better against the run, so we've seen that. It looks like they're getting better as the weeks have gone on. We're ready for them this week."
- Jets Wide Receiver Quincy Enunwa

On Tom Brady...
"One thing I know we need to do is really affect Brady. He's always comfortable at his 7-yard spot and we just have to really get him off his spot. I knew Brady was good, but just watching him the last four minutes of that game, that's when I really realized, 'OK, Tom Brady's ... Tom Brady.' We can't let Tom Brady 'go Brady' on us. That's what happened in that last little bit. We were battling the first 3 1/2 quarters, but you can't take your foot off the gas, you have to finish. We can't let that happen this game."
- Jets Linebacker Jordan Jenkins

On the Patriots offense without Rob Gronkowski...
"(Martellus) Bennett has picked up where he left off. Obviously, the receivers have stepped in and done a great job. They still have the three running backs that play pretty well and the offensive line is playing good."
- Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles

On Trey Flowers...
"He's been doing an outstanding job. I think Coach (Matt) Patricia has been putting those guys in great position and they have a great understanding of the game and those guys just end up playing fast and making plays. I think he's doing a great job."
- Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles

On the mindset of the Jets heading into their game with the Patriots...
"I think it would be to just finish strong. That's kind of been our weakness all year is not finishing games strong, so it's good for us to at least finish this season strong, go out there and play with pride, play with maximum effort and send some people into the offseason with a loss - that would be good for us."
- Jets Wide Receiver Quincy Enunwa

On learning from the last game against the Patriots...
"I learned if I see Tom Brady trying to block anybody - take Brady out on your way to the runner. My dad and my friends are like you could have taken out Brady and I'm like what are you taking about. When you see it on film, it's like oh crap. I didn't even see him. I was so locked in on the runner. Brady was in front of me and Blount was literally right on his (butt). I didn't know Brady was even there. I looked right past him. I saw a white jersey, but if he's going to try to block, you have to punish him for it."
- Jets Linebacker Jordan Jenkins

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