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What They're Saying: New York Jets


On facing the Patriots...

"We understand that this is a must-win for us, that's how we're going about it. It's honestly like a playoff game, that's how we're treating it. It's a big game, but we're not going to make anything bigger than what it is. We're playing a hell of an organization that's well-coached, so we have to be ready."
- JetsS Jamal Adams

"I wouldn't call it a measuring-stick game. I would call it a competitive game because that's what it is. It's a division game, it's worth double and that's how we have to treat it as such. This week you have to really dial in, have laser focus, eliminate all distractions and just be ready to come to work every day and worry about what you have now. Under the lights at MetLife - it doesn't get much better than that."
- Jets OL Alex Lewis

"It's a tough challenge, I know that. They're playing about as well as I can remember in all of my times playing these guys. We just have to do a good job of just focusing on what we need to do."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

"When you get locked in on trying to break the dynasty or tear them down that's when you start losing control of yourself and losing control of your emotions during the game. For us it's continuing to take it one game at a time and just focus on this game plan and what we need to do. If we get outside ourselves and try to take down Tom Brady, take down Bill Belichick - those are all legit things but for us it's focusing on what we need to do and how we need to execute."
- Jets QB Sam Darnold

"It's more about the fundamentals when you're playing this team. You could see in their Buffalo game, they affected the game. They blocked a punt and I think they blocked another the following week. This team, they play sound all around and just as important as the defense and offense is, special teams is as well. One of the things I take pride in, and so do we, we know they're going to play hard. That's never the problem. It's about smarts and being fundamentally sound. The more fundamentally sound team is going to have a chance."
- Jets SRontez Miles

On the Patriots defense...

"They're a good group that works great together. They have a bunch of different looks whether it's even, odd, over, under, all the different blitz packages they have and they can run out of either of those setups. You just have to be prepared as an offensive lineman to expect everything. And when you get into a jam, if it's something you didn't see, you have to be able to come to the sideline, make the adjustment and then go execute the next drive."
- Jets OL Alex Lewis

"For me, when I look at these guys right now, it looks like a group that they've played together, they know exactly what they're doing going into the game, they know what they're looking to stop, they know exactly how to play off of each other. I think they have some really good chemistry going on, to where some of that might be those guys playing together for a few years now. When you've got guys that aren't thinking, and they're communicating and they're able to play fast, it makes it really hard on the offensive side."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

"Their defense is good and they have been all year, but just like any other team they are not unbeatable. We just have to go out there and find the weakness in the defense and keep working it. Our whole team is super excited to go out there on Monday night."
- Jets QB Sam Darnold

On Tom Brady...

"You have to get him off his spot. He's not a scrambler, but we definitely have to create pressure in different ways and get after him. Disguise as well, and doing certain things that are going to - I'm not going to say trick him because he's been in this league for like fifty years, so you're not going to trick him - but show him something different or show him a disguise. We just have to do a good job of playing complete, disciplined football and that's the main thing and not hurting ourselves."
- JetsS Jamal Adams

On Julian Edelman...

"I think what makes him such a tough cover is he does a great job with his stem of his routes. The way he plays, every play he plays extremely hard. He makes things look the same. He does a great job of, after he catches the ball, of getting vertical. The run-after-catch has really been something that he's created a lot of yards. He's one of those guys that there's so much he can do inside, outside, No. 3 in a three-by-one. I mean, he's a tough guy to game plan for. You've just got to be ready for a lot of stuff."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

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