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What They're Saying: New York Jets

New York Jets coaches and players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


On playing the Patriots...

"We have a great challenge in front of us and I'm just worried about New England right now. So we're going to try to go 1-0 this week, understanding the challenge ahead of us. Those guys are one of the best dynasties ever to play the game. We've got to go out there and play football and match their intensity on the road."
- Jets RB Le'Veon Bell

"Anytime you play New England it's a challenge. You understand what kind of team you're playing. You understand who their head coach and staff is. You know who's at quarterback. You know you have to play ultimate complementary football against these guys, especially at their place."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

On Tom Brady...

"Anytime you go against Tom Brady he's going to operate at a completely different level than most quarterbacks in the league."
- Jets LB Tarrell Basham

On Stephon Gilmore...

"He's probably the best corner in the league. Just the fact of, if he's one-on-one, he's very difficult to get open on. He has a very good knowledge of the game. He understands splits, he understands break points, he understands stems and things like that, that really make it challenging for any receiver. But as a play-caller, you're aware of that and just have to understand that he's playing chess while everybody else is playing checkers. He's really, especially the past couple years, he's playing at an extremely high level."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

On the Patriots defense...

"It's always a challenge. Put the rankings aside, any time that you go against a Coach [Bill] Belichick coached defense it's extremely tough, there's a lot of variety. When you get to the game, there's always going to be something that's new. There's going to be something that you have to adjust to. It's always a challenge as a coach, and it really more about making sure your guys understand that there's going to be things that you haven't seen yet."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

On the Patriots receiving core...

"They're really good looking back at the film. It's a good group over there. You have to stay consistent on your game every play."
- Jets CB Trumaine Johnson

On Antonio Brown...

"You see the quickness, see the speed, see the hands. I mean, he's one of – if not the best receiver – one of the best receivers in the league."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

On Josh Gordon...

"As far as him as a player, I mean he looks as good as he's ever looked. I mean he looks big to me, like in a good way. He looks like he's in really good shape and he's one of those guys, man. You do everything you can to just try to contain him. It's extremely hard, especially with the crew that they have."
- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

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