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What They're Saying: Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers coaches and players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On the Patriots...
"They're an elite group. They need no endorsement from me there. They're in the thick of things as usual. It starts obviously with their leadership – Coach [Bill] Belichick, Tom Brady. They've got great continuity from the top down. I think it shows that they've got a winning approach. It's going to be a good football game."
- Head Coach Mike Tomlin


"I know everyone has been building this up because of the records, the team and things like that. For me it's about this week and the team we play and they're the best in the world."
- Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

On the importance of this game...
"Yeah, I think both teams have had successful years. They're a good team and we're a good team. This could be potentially for the No. 1 seed. There's still a lot of football to be played but it could potentially be a big game for us."
- Defensive End Cameron Heyward


On Dion Lewis...
"I think he's successful in so many different ways. He's got a little bit of Ray Rice in him where in the fact that he may be small in stature but plays very big in his role. He's able to fall forward as a running back and that's always good and he's able to catch out of the backfield too. He's become a good target for [Tom] Brady. I think Dion Lewis, he's an every down back and he's showing it but they also do have a myriad of backs that do some really good things – [Rex] Burkhead and James White. They're doing pretty well."
- Defensive End Cameron Heyward

On Rob Gronkowski...
"Gronk is not only one of the most dynamic tight ends but just one of the most dynamic players in the NFL."
- Head Coach Mike Tomlin

On Tom Brady...
"He's the best in the world. Maybe the best that's ever done it. We rellish the opportunity to play against him."
- Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

On the Patriots defense...
"Their secondary is incredible. There's a lot of playmakers back there. They're a veteran group of guys. Up front they're got guys that just do their job very, very well and create issues when trying to get the ball out quick."
- Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

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