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Draft Prospect Report: Offensive Line


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Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
OT 1 Eugene Monroe Virginia 6-5 309 5.2
Notes:[Andy Hart] Decent lateral movment. Good punch. Passes off games well. Good feet and base.[Erik Scalavino]Great balance allows him not to be overpowered. Proven versatility while at Virginia makes him the most attractive O-line prospect of this draft class.[Paul Perillo] A notch above the rest; Great feet/extension; Shows great strength.
OT 2 Andre Smith Alabama 6-4 332 5.28
Notes:[Andy Hart] Major maturity issues cloud impressive physical talent. Great size and power.[Erik Scalavino] Has all the physical tools. It's the mental ones that allowed his draft stock to slip, but, of late, he appears to have allayed those concerns somewhat and is rising once again.[Paul Perillo] Good mobility/extension; Uses arms well; Good pop in pass protection.
OT 3 Jason Smith Baylor 6-5 309 5.2
Notes:[Andy Hart] Better run blocker than pass pro. Overrated. May end up a right tackle. Big drop from Monroe.[Erik Scalavino]Powerful blocker with great footwork. Very athletic for his size, too. Very little difference between him and Monroe.[Paul Perillo] Good feet; Doesn't get beat wide; Seals edge; Solid prospect but I liked the first two more.
OT 4 Michael Oher Mississippi 6-5 309 5.3
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good feet and quickness. Issues with speed rushers at times. Decent power.[Erik Scalavino]Plays with aggression and a bit of a mean streak, belying his soft-spoken off-the-field demeanor.[Paul Perillo] Good feet/mobility; Very athletic; Locks on well; Can block in space; Intriguing skills.
OT 5 Eben Britton Arizona 6-6 309 5.15
Notes: [Andy Hart] Fluid in pass pro but needs to get stronger. Catches rushers at times. OK hands. Versatile.[Erik Scalavino]Moves a bit slower than the other top prospects, and plays relatively stiff, but is extremely powerful and fundamentally sound.[Paul Perillo] Plays RT and LT; Pretty athletic for size; Moves and seals well.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
OT Jamon Meredith South Carolina 6-5 304 5.0
Notes: [Andy Hart] Experience at G and T. Good strength and athlete. Little slow off ball and gets too wide at times.[Erik Scalavino]Rare athleticism for a guy this size, which allows him to move around well. Very versatile.[Paul Perillo] Excellent mobility; Good in pass protection; Gets out front as lead blocker as well.
OT William Beatty Connecticut 6-6 307 5.1
Notes: [Andy Hart] Very overrated. Plays too high. Not great feet. Catches rushers. Not elite hands, feet or technique.[Erik Scalavino]Another player with good athleticism and sound fundamentals.[Paul Perillo] Doesn't always use hands well; Showed strength; Decent mobility; Not bad.
OT Phil Loadholt Oklahoma 6-8 332 5.55
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow feet and gets overextended b/c of it. Finishes blocks. Lot of two-point stance. Trouble off edge but can move peope. RT.[Erik Scalavino] Enormous, but perhaps a step slow. Worth developing as a mid-to-late-round pick.[Paul Perillo] Needs to improve footwork; Good strength; Not real athletic; Possible late-round pick.
OT Fenuki Tupou Oregon 6-5 314 5.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Another two-point stance guy. Gets flat footed at times. But pretty good technique and solid football player. [Erik Scalavino] Moves well for his size. Good developmental prospect. [Paul Perillo] Excellent feet/mobility; Keeps the rusher wide; Good pop on initial charge; Good athlete.
OT Troy Kropog Tulane 6-5 309 5.3
Notes: [Andy Hart] Needs more bulk and strength. Slow off the ball and catches rushers. Can be beat with either speed or power at various times.[Erik Scalavino] Great size but still a bit raw.[Paul Perillo] Good power/a real mauler; Needs better arm extension; Let's defender into his body too often.
OT Alex Boone Ohio State 6-7 328 5.2
Notes: [Andy Hart] Bit of a bully blocker. Slow with a good build. Lets rushers get to his body.[Erik Scalavino]Massive frame. Downside is he's not very quick. Very experienced, however, as a four-year starter in Columbus.[Paul Perillo] Lacks quickness/athleticism; Real strong and locks onto his blocks well.
OT Xavier Fulton Illinois 6-5 301 4.98
No footage available.
OT Augustus Parrish Kent State 6-4 302 5.35
Notes: [Andy Hart] Gets off the ball and takes good angles. OK athlete. Little high in pass pro. OK in space. Good pulls. Guard?. [Erik Scalavino] At his size, he might be better suited as a guard in the NFL.[Paul Perillo] Good power and drive; Locks on real well; Good athlete who looked good in PP and run blocking; Interesting prospect.
OT Jason Watkins Florida 6-6 318 5.47
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow feet but good size and base. Gets beat to edge. RT? Not great angles.[Erik Scalavino]Versatile and surprisingly athletic for his size. Still needs a lot of work, but could be a nice developmental pick in later rounds.[Paul Perillo] Plays both LT and RT; Not quick enough for the left side though; Slow feet; Got help often on his tape.
OT Sebastian Vollmer Houston 6-7 314 5.27
No footage available.

Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
OG 1 Duke Robinson Oklahoma 6-5 329 5.27
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good build. Gets off the line, good at second level. Owns a guy when he gets him. Uses hands well Well-rounded game.[Erik Scalavino]Powerful run-blocker. Decent in pass protection. Plays somewhat slower than desired.[Paul Perillo] Good mobility; Very athletic; Gets good push in run game.
OG 2 Herman Johnson LSU 6-7 364 5.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Weak for his size. Not quick and slow to react at times. Not the road grader should be.[Erik Scalavino]An absolute monster. Amazing agility for someone his size. No doubt will have the option to play either tackle or guard in the NFL. Has the potential to be a dominant pro.[Paul Perillo] Great feet for size; Getd downfield; Mauler with good hands; Solid.
OG 3 Andy Levitre Oregon State 6-3 305 5.26
Notes: [Andy Hart] Little too high at times. Not great feet or overly quick. Hard worker and effort guy. Could get stronger.[Erik Scalavino]Very versatile and athletic. Plays with aggression.[Paul Perillo] Moves well; Good arm extension; Traps well.
OG 4 Kraig Urbik Wisconsin 6-5 328 5.35
Notes: [Andy Hart] Pulls well and changes direction in space. Solid angles and tech. Moves people.[Erik Scalavino]Another huge player at this position. Might end up switching to tackle. Could use his size to his advantage more often by playing a little more aggressively.[Paul Perillo] Showed some ability to pull; Good strength; Not overly atheltic.
OG 5 Trevor Canfield Cincinnati 6-5 307 5.32
Notes: [Andy Hart] Tackle too. Moves well. Solid player. [Erik Scalavino] Plays with a mean streak. Also has the ability to play tackle.[Paul Perillo] Right guard showed mobility and ability to pull; Decent mid-round potential.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
OG Greg Isdaner West Virginia 6-4 325 5.45
Notes: [Andy Hart] OK power and lateral movement. 3-year starter with solid technique. Needs to get stronger. Passes off well.[Erik Scalavino] Solid all-around, if unspectacular at any one thing in particular.[Paul Perillo] Excellent motor; Good strength/athletic ability; I liked him more than many higher rated guard prospects.
OG Tyronne Green Auburn 6-2 309 5.39
Notes: [Andy Hart] Pulls and plays well in space. Good build and feet. LIttle bit raw.[Erik Scalavino]Very raw but clearly talented. Good value as a late-rounder.[Paul Perillo] Showed a nasty streak; Good sets in pass protection; Quick burst/explosion; Powerful.
OG Anthony Parker Tennessee 6-2 310 5.12
No footage available.
OG Ray Feinga BYU 6-4 337 5.32
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not really quick. Questionable athlete and power. Not as strong as he is big. Lot of two-point work for offensive line with huge splits.[Erik Scalavino] Hefty, yet surprisingly agile.[Paul Perillo] Excellent size/strength; Decent mobility; Tends to stand too upright.
OG Jaimie Thomas Maryland 6-4 331 5.29
No footage available.
OG T.J. Lang Eastern Michigan 6-4 312 5.12
No footage available.
OG Cedric Dockery Texas 6-3 315 5.34
Notes: [Andy Hart] Derrick's little bro is not an NFL talent. Heavy feet. Can be pushed around and gets beat across his face.[Erik Scalavino]Gets lost in the crowd. Very unimpressive game tape. [Paul Perillo] Good strength but gets grabby at times; Solid pass protection, especially when he locks on.
OG Louis Vasquez Texas Tech 6-5 333 5.38
Notes: [Andy Hart] Very strong and plays with a mean streak. Decent agility and moves well. Could be quicker. Lot of two-point work.[Erik Scalavino] Excellent size. Another of these possible tackle-types. Plays with a mean streak. Could be a late-round steal.[Paul Perillo*] Delivers the blow with force; Good quickness; Strong punch; Slides well; Not bad.
OG Seth Olsen Iowa 6-5 304 5.26
No footage available.
OG Roger Allen Missouri Western 6-3 322 5.46
No footage available.
OG Cliff Ramsey Boston College 6-6 312 5.12
No footage available.
OG Michael Turkovich Notre Dame 6-5 305 5.36
No footage available.

Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
C 1 Alex Mack California 6-4 311 5.12
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good power and moves well. Keeps feet moving and finishes blocks. Tough. Smart. Athletic.[Erik Scalavino]Relentless blocker who follows through on every play. Good center of gravity allows him to avoid being overpowered.[Paul Perillo] Consistently drives man back; Good power/mobility; Locks on well; Impressive.
C 2 Max Unger Oregon 6-5 309 5.27
Notes: [Andy Hart] Solid. Pulls well. Good in space. Passes off well. But doesn't play with great power and could struggle with NFL DT/NT types.[Erik Scalavino] Very versatile, having played all spots along the line at various points in his career. Powerful, but perhaps a step slow.[Paul Perillo] Good power; Pancaked a few on tape; Real good feet; Excellent mobility.
C 3 Eric Wood Louisville 6-4 310 5.17
Notes: [Andy Hart] 49 consecutive starts. Film rat. More heady than physically gifted. Has a good nasty streak.[Erik Scalavino] His stock has been rising, but his game film showed an adequate player at best.[Paul Perillo] Good sets in pass protection; Good feet; Short tape.
C 4 Jonathan Luigs Arkansas 6-4 301 5.1
Notes: [Andy Hart] Holds point of attack well. Not overly athletic. Sort of a blah prospect.[Erik Scalavino]Fundamentally sound. Athletic.[Paul Perillo] Solid in pass protection; Neutralizes pass rusher consistently; Powerful with good extension.
C 5 A.Q. Shipley Penn State 6-1 297 5.14
No footage available.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
C Antoine Caldwell Alabama 6-3 309 5.23
[Andy Hart] Good initial pop. Gets to the second level. Good strength. Holds POA. Decent athlete. Looks the part. Good angles and technique.[Erik Scalavino] Insert comments.[Paul Perillo] Masher/very physical; Moves real weel; Quick, athletic center who traps and blocks down well.
C Brett Helms LSU 6-2 282 4.92
No footage available.
C Cecil Newton Tennessee State 6-2 294 5.19
No footage available.
C Jon Cooper Oklahoma 6-2 275 5.14
No footage available.
C Alex Fletcher Stanford 6-3 302 5.28
No footage available.
C Robby Felix Texas-El Paso 6-3 295 5.26
No footage available.
C Rob Bruggeman Iowa 6-3 287 5.15
No footage available.
C Keith Gray Connecticut 6-2 292 5.17
No footage available.

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