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What They're Saying: Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins coaches and players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

On preparing for the Patriots offense without Rob Gronkowski...

"It's always difficult because (Patriots Offensive Coordinator) Josh (McDaniels) will do a good job of using the guys that he has and putting them in different positions and really forcing your defense to try to figure out where everybody is. He even did it last time by moving some of those guys around and showing some looks that our guys … You don't necessarily see that exact formation and he makes you put stress on your defense that way where it's just a constant adjustment on the sideline. A lot of times, he doesn't even go … He won't go back to it. So, you see it one time and then you'll never see it again. A lot of times you've got one shot to try to make a good play. That's why he's really good. That's why they've had a lot of success. They have good players; but at the same time, he puts those guys in really good position."
- Head Coach Adam Gase

On the Patriots defense...

"I think it's the whole team in general. It's a very, very smart team. (They are) situationally aware. They do things the right way. I think they tackle well on defense. Their assignments are on point. I think he's notoriously taken away your number one receiver. He makes you get to two and three. (He) makes you do things that are maybe a little bit out of your comfort zone. I think they do a really good job of keeping things in front of them, making offenses go the long road – three, four or five first downs – to score. We've just got to figure it out."
- Quarterback Jay Cutler

"There's a reason why they haven't let up more than 17 points since about the fourth week of the season. They force you to get the ball out quick. We've just got to do a better job of making sure that we handle that up front. They make it difficult because those guys, they do a good job game planning. They find your weakness and they try to maximize using the information they have."
- Head Coach Adam Gase

"You can't say, 'Hey, they're a Cover 2 team,' or, 'Hey, they're a 3-4 Buzz team.' That's not who they are. They're going to play whatever defense they think gives them the best chance to win. It could be different every week. It could be different this week than what we saw two weeks ago."
- Quarterback Jay Cutler

On the keys to stopping New England's running game...

"We've just got to find ways to execute. I think when we went back and watched the film, it came down to tackling as well as execution."
- Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh

On disrupting Tom Brady...

"I'd love to make him mad. My job is to piss him off and have him yelling at his offensive linemen for not blocking me, his coach and everybody on the sideline. That's my job. We know he likes to drop back and throw comfortably and have this nice pocket; but my sole job is to disrupt that at all costs."
- Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh

"Tom is a tough guy to get around. You have to do a great job in coverage to give the line a chance and you better win quickly. It doesn't work, especially if it's a four-man rush, if those four guys aren't working together. I think they're trying to do a better job. I know they've been practicing the way we need them to practice to give us a chance on Sunday and the good thing is we've got another opportunity on Monday to try to play the right way against New England."
- Head Coach Adam Gase

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