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What They're Saying: Seattle Seahawks


On the Patriots...

"They adapt as well to their opponents as anybody in the game. They can do anything in the second game. I leave it wide open to coach Belichick. What you saw is a feature of the quarterback. Cam ran the ball (15) times in the game. We got to see what they do this time around. There's not enough games for us in their new thinking to know what to expect here. We'll have to adapt at game time."

- Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

On Bill Belichick...

"There's a marvelous consistency. That's as obvious as a statement that you can make. But to be consistent like that, you know, you've got to have, you know, your, mentality and your approach really, really nailed. He does. He knows exactly how he wants to do it. He does it regardless of what the circumstances are, he's going to bring his team to game time and they're going play you know, Patriots football. I think just a little bit deeper into it, he's a very, very good game planner. He does a great job of assessing his own talent and utilizing it and assessing his opponents' talent and tries to take advantage of it. It's been something that's been very characteristic of his coaching on both sides of the football for a long time. And that's just kind of who he is."

- Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

On Patriots QB Cam Newton...

"We've been playing Cam for a long time. In the offense he's run (in the past), they ran everything you can think of. Every style of run, from wildcat runs to options and all kinds of things that they've done, boots and nakeds and all that. So, we've seen him, and (the Patriots) are incorporating the best of him. We will not discount the fact that coach (Bill) Belichick and his guys, they've figured this thing out to utilize him at his best. So, they're going to make it very difficult on us. He looked pretty good in the opener and was certainly a big part of the offense."

- Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

"He going to compete hard. He's going to do everything in his power to give his team a chance to be successful, whether that's throwing it, running it, scrambles, designed runs, short yardage, goal line or whatever the situation presents. That's just the competitor that he is. That's the type of guy he is. Our guys know him well. They've played against him a lot. They know the challenge that he is. They have a ton of respect for him as we all do. I told him I want you to have a great year, just not in Week 2. I want what's best for him. He's an awesome guy. We have a great relationship. For one week we are going to control him, hopefully."

- Seahawks tight end Greg Olsen

"He's very unique. He's been a really special player for a long time. He garners special attention. We've had a lot of games against him. We've played well. He's played well. So, we are expecting a really good challenge. We have to be unique just like he is."

- Seahawks defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

On defending against the Patriots run heavy offense...

"When you play a team that is committed to running the ball it's a challenge of who can be tougher. So, when someone wants to run 42 times it's really a test of your will and I feel like I like our will."

- Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner

"We have to go into this game with a wide open look. Almost like a first game. We have some information. They showed they really want to run the football, ran it 42 times in the game, which is a great commitment. But we don't know. We'll see."

- Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

On the Patriots offense...

"You have to approach it with fresh eyes. We have a lot of history with playing Cam. We understand the type of runs that they want to implement with Cam. We also understand that the Patriots have a history - they can run the ball 42 times one game and in the next game, throw it 42 times. I feel like they're confident in Cam's ability to throw the ball as well. So we've got to be prepared for everything. We have make sure that we make them one dimensional and don't let them come out and run and pass on us."

- Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner

On the advantages of having family on the coaching staff...

NOTE: Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll (Brennan and Nate) and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (Brian and Steve) both have their sons on their respective coaching staffs.

"There's something about having your family, it's exactly like you said, it's a family business to a certain extent. There's some challenges to that, but there's also some great advantages to that. I don't know how Bill sees it, but the loyalty that runs deep in your family is a real asset. We're fortunate to have people that will tell us what we need to hear. A lot of guys don't want to tell us some stuff, so my guys don't care. They are going tell me what I need to hear whether I want to hear it or not. It's so refreshing. We can only operate based on the information that we get. It's been a really good relationship, challenging, but I'm grateful for it. I'm sure Bill is also."

- Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

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