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Bill Belichick Conference Call Transcript - 11/5/2012


BB:We're on to Buffalo here. Just going back over our game with them the last time, it was obviously a lot more competitive than the final score would indicate. We had our moments but there are certainly a lot of things that they did that gave us problems that we'll have to do better. As we talked about the last time, Buffalo is a dangerous team: they have a lot of big-play guys on offense, they have a lot of big-play guys on defense. They have, [Leodis] McKelvin has done a great job for them in the return game, as well as their rushes and their blocked field goals and all that they've shown all year. In all three areas, we have a lot of work to do.

Q:What does Aqib Talib bring to the table for your team this season and what went into the thought process of that move?

BB:Right now really, our focus is on the Bills and the players that will be preparing for the game with the team and the players that are here at this time. We'll take that as it comes. When he gets here, we'll deal with that then.

Q:When is Aqib Talib eligible to show up?

BB:When the league allows him to; it's a league suspension, it's not in our control.

Q:How are you going to structure this week coming back from the bye? How are you going to work this with a little bit of extra time?

BB:The players will be in tomorrow on Tuesday. That will be like a normal Wednesday for us. That will be our first day to dive headlong into our Bills' preparations and then we'll figure from there. [We'll] see how it goes, depending on what we feel like we need here. Priorities are how it's going, what kind of schedule we want to be in the rest of the week, we'll kind of take it from there but tomorrow will be like a regular Wednesday for us.

Q:Have you made a determination about permanently moving Devin McCourty to safety?

BB:I think we'd like to try to be consistent with whatever it is we do but at the same time we have to deal with the upcoming opponent that we have and what we feel like is the best matchup for that particular game to try to win that game. Sometimes those two forces are aligned and sometimes maybe they don't. Ultimately our goal is to win this game. Whatever we need to do with any of our players to help us win this game, if it's within our means and something we feel like we can execute and get done, then we would most likely do it. We'll have to see how all that plays out with this game and the Bills. Utilization of our personnel will be what we feel like is the best opportunity to win the game.

Q:It is not a perfect world, but if it were, is the hope that you would be able to keep him in one consistent spot so he wouldn't have to flip positions on a week to week basis?

BB:I'm not sure if that's necessarily the case because he's a pretty flexible kid, both physically and mentally. I think he can handle the movement but I think the more consistent we can be as a unit then that builds their communication and better teamwork between the players that are involved. There are always going to be some moving parts, there are moving parts every week because of the team that we play and unfortunately we've had, like every team does, guys go in and out for various reasons, so it's not perfect. Ideally if you could keep everything exactly the same every week, that would be great. There's something to be said for trying to keep it the same, there's also something to be said for trying to put yourself and your team in the best position that you can against that particular opponent. We try to balance those two forces.

Q:What did you see in Aqib Talib that drew you to him and made you want to acquire him?

BB:I think he's a good player. I think he can help our football team. That's why we traded for him.

Q:How much does the work you guys did on him coming out in the draft in 2008 play a factor in the decision making process?

BB:I think that everything that you know about a player is somewhat of a factor. Whatever that whole composite is, or wherever all that information comes from, all put together and you try to boil it down based on everything, all the information that you have.

Q:Did you feel like your time in Tampa in the preseason helped you familiarize yourselves with him or were you focused on other things at that time?

BB:No, I'd say that's part of the evaluation too, sure. Anything that you have is relevant, absolutely.

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