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What They're Saying: New York Jets

Find out what New York Jets coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


New York Jets coaches and players discuss their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On facing the Patriots...

"You have to have the same mentality and have good meetings and go to Foxborough and get a win. The Patriots, yeah I haven't beaten them and understand the things that go with it. At the end of day I haven't played them this year. They are a different team than last year. This is a faceless opponent. We have to study the same way and put in a good week of work and get another W."

- Jets Quarterback Sam Darnold

"For some reason, these last two weeks, things have kind of gone our way. So we're just going to ride this wave and try to prepare for this week and hopefully get another victory."

- Jets Wide Receiver Jamison Crowder

"Just to end the season on a high note. Just because it's the next one, it's the most important. So, that's the mindset I'm going to take towards this thing and just prepare the same way I've been preparing and get my body right and my mind right for this game on Sunday."

- Jets Quarterback Sam Darnold

On the Patriots run game...

"They're going to have downhill runs. They're going to be outside, they'll have some gimmick-type runs where they'll have trap schemes and stuff like that. We have to be disciplined and can't be lulled to sleep with their stuff because they'll have plays off plays. We have to do a good job against play action."

- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

"Obviously, when they run the ball, they're going to run the ball more than what they had done in the past, but they're going to do what is best with their personnel that they have. I know they've had a lot of moving pieces and guys in there, whether they're injured or moves that have been made. I mean, it's just they're going to do what's best with the guys they have available to them."

- Jets Head Coach Adam Gase

"That's always been our goal to stop the run on first and second down, force them to third-and-long and force their quarterbacks and receivers to beat you that way. I believe that's what we'll try to do this week. I think [the Patriots] are going to come out and try to hand the ball off and see what the quarterback can do from there."

- Jets Linebacker Neville Hewitt

On the Patriots defense...

"They're a great defense. I know that we see a lot of plays we can draw up and convert on. The plays are out there, we just have to come ready to play and make the plays. We played them last time and kind of let them off the hook late in the game. We just have to make sure we don't make those mistakes again."

- Jets Wide Receiver Denzel Mims

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