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News Blitz 4/19: Brady to hold summer passing camp with teammates

Today’s News Blitz includes yet another chapter in the offseason of Tom Brady drama.

Wednesday morning ESPN reported that Tom Brady had not yet "committed" to playing in 2018.

Later in the day, more information came out indicating, though, that TB12 is indeed readying himself for yet another season in New England.

In a somewhat related post, wonders if the Patriots and 49ers could be involved in another trade revolving around the quarterback position on draft weekend.

Heading into the draft, the Providence Journal says the Patriots front seven could use a boost. The Pro Jo observes that the Patriots workouts in the offseason program go on as usual without Brady and Gronkowski. asks, "what Brady is trying to get this offseason?" passes on a USA Today poll of agents that listed Belichick as the second-most respected NFL executive. says you need to pick a side in the looming civil war with the Patriots – either Belichick or Brady.

NBC Sports Boston wonders what the end game is in the cold war in Foxborough, including some insightful comments on the situation from former Patriots Pro Bowl linebacker Jerod Mayo. NBC Sports Boston looks at the wide receiver prospects available in next week's draft. writes that Brady is eyeing a revised contract prior to the season – the quarterback would "absolutely be interested in revisiting this contract." ranks the NFL's 32 general managers, with Belichick deservedly taking the top spot on the list. has 23 possilbites for the Patriots with the 23rd pick in the first round of the draft.

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