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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver

(On what his week of preparation has been like)

"It's been like every other week. I've been preparing just like it's any other game, try not to hype it up too much and just go out there and try to get better every day. That's what I've been preparing like."

(On whether he's getting more comfortable in the offense)

"Obviously, with every rep, you're getting more experience. Every snap you get, you're getting a little more experience — even if it's in practice — naturally, you're going to get more comfortable."

(On whether this week's preparation is any different)

"I really haven't prepared any differently. I've gone in every morning, ate breakfast, went in there, met with Scotty O [Scott O'Brien], did my hot tub, and prepared like it was any other week. Any time you overhype something, [you] just become jacked up in the head. So I came in, read the sign that says, 'Do Your Job,' and I'm trying to do my job."

(On whether he's talked to Wes Welker)

"Yeah, I've talked to Wes. I told him that my prayers and thoughts are with him and that he's going to have a fast recovery. And he told me some words of wisdom and we had a nice little conversation."

(On what kinds of words Welker passed along to him)

"He just said, 'Do your job, don't try to improvise and you're going to be fine.'"

(On whether he spent any extra time with Tom Brady this week)

"As a rookie, you're after practice always. You're there either catching balls or catching punts. So I mean you're always out there."

(On whether his experience this season has been 'surreal')

"I mean, it's pretty surreal, but I don't really have time to think about that because if I think about that, I'm not thinking about the right things. I've got to go out there and think about the Ravens and their defenses, their schematics and all that stuff. We'll think about that after the season."

(On the support he's received this week)

"The guys have been supportive—the coaches—that's our family out there. They've been supporting [me]."

(On what his experience starting at the Jets will give him in this week's game)

"It's Wes Welker, he's the heart and soul of our team. We're going to miss him a lot, but I'm going to go out there and give it my all and do what I've got to do."

(On talking to Randy Moss during his first game at the Jets)

"I mean, that was my first NFL game. Randy [Moss], being the veteran that he is, was helping me out during the game. The game is fast and that was a rivalry game. But that's in the past. We're thinking about the Ravens now."

Kevin Faulk, Running Back

(On whether he can contribute more with Wes Welker out)

"I can do my job. Trying to do anything more than that — I just have to do my job, we have to do our jobs. It's plain and simple."

(On whether he thinks he'll see more passes thrown to him)

"You never know. Some games I do, some games I don't. You just never know. With Wes being down, you never know what the outcome is going to be. You don't know how the game is going to unfold."

(On why the Patriots have been so successful at home in the playoffs)

"Coaching, players, it's just a combination of all of that and just being ready to go in certain situations of the game."

(On whether there is a sense of confidence playing at home)

"I don't think the confidence level translates to the fact that we're playing at home. The confidence is just that you know that if you do what you have to do as a team, you're capable of winning games."

Logan Mankins, Guard

(On the differences between entering the 2007 playoffs versus this year's)

"It's always different. It's a new season with new guys. We're happy to be in the playoffs, but we're not resting on that. We want to keep going and go as far as we can and this is the first step in it this week."

(On the challenges that Haloti Ngata presents)

"He's pretty much as big as they get in the league and then he's a lot more agile than those other guys. He's not just a big fat guy. He can actually move around and he's very strong. He does a lot of good things and he's a real challenge."

(On preparing for Ngata playing at multiple spots)

"We try to set up the looks as best as we can or we think we can get. He's one of those guys that's very versatile for them and he does a lot of different things. You have to be ready for him in multiple spots."

(On Ray Lewis)

"He's a good player and he's been a good player for a long time. You have to know where he is on the field and in the running game because if you don't block him, he'll just run around and make every tackle. He's a very good player."

(On whether the running game become more crucial in Wes Welker's absence)

"I don't know. It's one of those things that if we can run the ball well that day, it will be good; and if we can't, it probably won't be that good. So we need to run the ball."

Fred Taylor, Running Back

(On feelings about being fresh this time of the year)

"There's a sign on the door when you come in that says, 'do your job.' You have to know your job first and foremost before you even envision or think of doing someone else's. That comes from preparation, note taking and getting out and repping it."

Laurence Maroney, Running Back

(On if he expects to play against Baltimore)

"Just be prepared, that's all I'm focusing on. I've been working hard this week like I do every week and be prepared and be ready for whatever."

Darius Butler, Cornerback

(On whether he thinks about transitioning into being a veteran)

"I don't think about it. I'm just worried about the transition from regular season to the playoffs. I'm sure that will be a big transition as far as intensity and importance of the games, because it's win or go home now. I'm just really focusing on that transition more than anything."

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