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What They're Saying: New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints coaches and players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On the Patriots...
"Obviously they are a real good football team and they are very well-coached and very talented and I think it's pretty common in our league there's a certain I guess level of urgency, especially your opening season game, like we just did and like New England just did and I think those numbers you read are numbers that are reflective in a large body of work from a good team. In other words, with the success they've had over the staying power over this long period of time that generally you would have those kind of numbers, whether it's turnover driven, whether it's how they play in the first half of games or the second half of games. The sum total ends up being good football and it's not surprising."
- Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

"I think you just understand that there's not a lot of room for error against these guys.  You just have to expect the unexpected a little bit, and be very on point with your communication and how you're handling what they're trying to defend. Until you get to game time, you don't know exactly what they're going to do."
- Saints QB Drew Brees


On Tom Brady...
"We played against each other in college. We've known each other for a long time, I guess since 1999, when he was at Michigan and I was at Purdue, but I've got a ton of respect for Tom and what he's accomplished. I don't know if there is a guy in this game that is more disciplined, more mentally tough and has just been so consistent, so so consistent. A lot to be respected and I have a ton of respect for him and his approach and his accomplishments."
- Saints QB Drew Brees

On Brandin Cooks...
"He's a great competitor and he comes to work every day with an intensity each rep. There's not really an off-speed rep for him and the way he prepares, I know he's a good teammate, well -respected. There are a lot of things to like."
- Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

"I loved Brandin, loved playing with him for three years. I felt like we had some great years together. I felt like he had a lot of success in this offense. I wish him nothing but the best. We're still good friends off the field, just happens to be that he's on the other side of the ball this week coming back here to New Orleans, but nothing but great respect for him."
- Saints QB Drew Brees

On the Patriots defense...
"They are big, thick, they do some interesting things upfront with their scheme. They can give you a lot of variations, obviously very game plan specific so we have to be ready for anything."
- Saints QB Drew Brees


On Rob Gronkowski...
"I think his versatility is one of his biggest assets. He's a guy that can play in the running game, just as well in protection, just as well as a receiver. So that flexibility and versatility does not make him one-dimensional. He is a big target and he has strong hands in traffic."
- Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

On Dont'a Hightower...
"He is a very good football player and he's a game changer, extremely smart, tough, plays all over the place. The leader of the defense, just an exceptional football player."
- Saints QB Drew Brees

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