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New England Patriots players offer their comments on the upcoming playoff game against the Denver Broncos at Invesco Fiield at Mile High on Saturday.


Q: Do you get antsy during the week?

RC: For me it's an exciting time because you know you're playing for something different than what everybody else is playing for in the regular season. We have eight teams left in the playoffs and this is an opportunity to advance yourself to a position to qualify for the Super Bowl. We have to make sure everybody focuses and make sure we're ready to play.


Q: How well do you know Jason Elam?

AV: He's a good guy, I know him pretty well. He's been a very good kicker for a long time and he still is. He's one of those guys that like you said before I expect him to make all his kicks and hopefully it doesn't come down to him having an opportunity because he's pretty good.

Q: Do you feel comfortable kicking in Denver?

AV: Everyday is a different situation. The weather should be all right. The ball travels a little bit further in Denver sometimes. You never know what your opportunities are going to be, if it's a bunch of extra points, field goals or kicking off. You just have to be prepared for whatever is there and do your best.


Q: Do you feel like you are more comfortable with the defense?

AH: I think the front seven has played very good ball. It's probably attributed to that. The coaches have done a good job preparing us for games but I think when the front seven plays well, the whole defense has the opportunity to make plays and allows us play well.

Q: Based on your experience playing with other teams, is the level of expectation different here?

AH: The level of expectations is high everywhere you go, whether you're winning or losing. The first person who holds you to high expectations is your head coach. Your coaches are going to be competitive and the guys are going to be competitive whether you're winning games like you want or you're not. The expectation level is fairly the same everywhere you go.

Q: After coming to this team during the middle of the season, does coming into a situation like this make you appreciate it even more?

AH: Yeah it does. The hardest part about me being out of football was that I couldn't play because of an injury. You know that you're getting to a point in your career where you have to kind of get it done right now. So you miss it completely and I joke with my wife all the time and tell her that, I was married to football way before I was married to her. And I missed her a lot when she was gone and now she's back and I'm not going to let her go.

Q: What type of problems does Jake Plummer present to the defense?

AH: He obviously gets out of the pocket. The primary reason for their success is the fact that Jake hasn't made a lot of mistakes. He controls the tempo of the game, makes the right decisions and he doesn't force it maybe like he has in the past.

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