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Articles - January 2019

Published On Title
2019-01-02 The Kraft Family Awards $90,000 To Nonprofits During Halftime Ceremony On Sunday, Dec. 30
2019-01-02 Transcript: James White Press Conference 1/2
2019-01-02 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 1/2
2019-01-02 Presser Points – Belichick: ‘Hopefully we can find some things that we can improve on’
2019-01-02 Patriots 2018 ratings finish as highest in three years
2019-01-02 Wrap Up 1/2: During bye, Patriots focus on Patriots 
2019-01-03 Nate Ebner Named New England Patriots 2018 Ed Block Courage Award Winner
2019-01-03 Presser Points: Brady - 'We're playing to win'
2019-01-03 Transcript: Tom Brady Press Conference 1/3
2019-01-03 Wrap Up 1/3: Patriots assistants in demand again
2019-01-03 Transcript: David Andrews Press Conference 1/3
2019-01-03 Transcript: Patrick Chung Press Conference 1/3
2019-01-03 Banks' Wild Card Weekend NFL Picks
2019-01-04 News Blitz 1/4: Brady, Patriots ready to write 2018 ‘story’
2019-01-04 Samsonite Make Your Case: Peak Playoff Performers
2019-01-04 Preguntas y Respuestas de ‘semana bye’
2019-01-07 Snap Judgments Wild Card Weekend
2019-01-07 News Blitz 1/7: Chargers headed to Foxborough
2019-01-07 Transcript: Bill Belichick Conference Call 1/7
2019-01-07 Presser Points: Belichick - Aggressive Chargers will be tough test 
2019-01-07 Wrap Up 1/7: Patriots back from bye, re-Charged 
2019-01-07 Transcript: Matthew Slater Press Conference 1/7
2019-01-08 View from Above: What's in a name, old habits still the same
2019-01-08 News Blitz 1/8: Breaking down the Chargers
2019-01-08 Ask PFW: Divisional Playoff edition
2019-01-08 Presser Points: McDaniels - 'I'll be here moving forward'
2019-01-08 Transcripts: Patriots Conference Calls 1/8
2019-01-08 Patriot Place to Host Playoff Rally
2019-01-08 Patriots Make A Series of Roster Transactions
2019-01-09 Connections: Patriots - Chargers
2019-01-09 News Blitz 1/9: McDaniels sticking around
2019-01-09 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 1/9
2019-01-09 Presser Points: Belichick - Chargers 'a big challenge for us'
2019-01-09 Transcripts: Los Angeles Chargers Conference Calls 1/9
2019-01-09 Wrap Up 1/9: McCourty returns to practice 
2019-01-09 Transcript: James White Press Conference 1/9
2019-01-09 Transcript: Patrick Chung Press Conference 1/9
2019-01-09 Patriots Locker Room Quotes 1/9
2019-01-10 Patriots Donate Hundreds of Empowerment Coats to a Dozen Homeless Shelter Programs Across New England
2019-01-10 News Blitz 1/10: Rookie Jackson confident 
2019-01-10 Scouting the Matchup: Tough, tight battle on tap
2019-01-10 Banks' Divisional Playoffs NFL Picks
2019-01-10 What They're Saying: Los Angeles Chargers
2019-01-10 Transcripts: Patriots Media Access 1/10
2019-01-11 Jason McCourty's essay for 'The Players' Tribune' will make your day
2019-01-11 News Blitz 1/11: Gronk looks to turn the page
2019-01-11 La previa: Patriots vs. Chargers
2019-01-11 Samsonite Make Your Case: Futures Market
2019-01-11 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 1/11
2019-01-11 Presser Points: Belichick - 'We're playing the Chargers, not the weather'
2019-01-11 Transcript: Tom Brady Press Conference 1/11
2019-01-11 Wrap Up 1/11: 'We need Foxborough going nuts' in frigid temps 
2019-01-11 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Patriots - Chargers Injury Report
2019-01-11 Presser Points - Brady: 'It's good to be playing when it’s cold out'
2019-01-11 Patriots Locker Room Quotes 1/11
2019-01-13 Game Preview: Chargers at Patriots
2019-01-13 Broadcast Information: Chargers at Patriots
2019-01-13 Game Predictions: Expert picks for Chargers at Patriots
2019-01-13 Keys to the Starting Lineup presented by CarMax: Patriots at home in the cold
2019-01-13 Divisional Playoff Inactives: Chargers at Patriots
2019-01-13 Inactives Analysis: McCourty, Patterson back in the lineup
2019-01-13 ¡Victoria indiscutible!
2019-01-13 Gamebook: Full Chargers-Patriots Stats
2019-01-13 Los Angeles Chargers Postgame Transcripts 1/13
2019-01-13 Game Notes: Patriots advance to eighth straight conference championship game
2019-01-13 New England Patriots Postgame Transcripts 1/13
2019-01-14 Stock Watch: Brady, Michel lead total team domination of Chargers
2019-01-14 Game Observations: Kansas City here we come
2019-01-14 Game Recap: Another AFC title run
2019-01-14 Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship a Week 6 rematch
2019-01-14 Snap Judgments Divisional Playoffs
2019-01-14 Matchup Winners: Patriots dominate overmatched Chargers
2019-01-14 Top 5 photos from Chargers at Patriots presented by CarMax
2019-01-14 News Blitz 1/14: Post-Chargers reaction
2019-01-14 Presser Points: Patriots looking to finish
2019-01-14 After Further Review: Chargers-Patriots
2019-01-14 Transcripts: Patriots Conference Calls 1/14
2019-01-15 View from Above: Ready for another ride?
2019-01-15 Connections: Patriots - Chiefs
2019-01-15 Patriots score highest Divisional Playoff rating in six years and best rating of the season across all programming
2019-01-15 AFC Championship Game Preview: Patriots at Chiefs
2019-01-15 Transcript: Bill Belichick Conference Call 1/15
2019-01-15 Presser Points: Belichick - Chiefs are a dominant team
2019-01-15 Patriots Quotes 1/15
2019-01-15 Wrap Up 1/15: Cold weather a hot topic
2019-01-16 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 1/16
2019-01-16 News Blitz 1/16: How NE can perform a KC masterpiece 
2019-01-16 Presser Points: Belichick - 'It's an honor to play in this game'
2019-01-16 Patriots Quotes 1/16
2019-01-17 Presser Points – Brady: Underdog status shows ‘what people think about what our chances are’
2019-01-17 Scouting the Matchup: Surging Patriots head to K.C.
2019-01-17 News Blitz 1/17: Patriots as AFCC underdogs?
2019-01-17 What They're Saying: Kansas City Chiefs
2019-01-17 Banks' Conference Championship NFL Picks
2019-01-17 Patriots Quotes 1/17
2019-01-18 La previa: Patriots vs Chiefs
2019-01-18 Samsonite Make Your Case: Chief Concern
2019-01-18 Presser Points: Belichick - 'There's an anxiety' before every game
2019-01-18 Fotos de los Fan Clubs
2019-01-18 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 1/18
2019-01-18 Wrap Up 1/18: Healthy Patriots wind down KC preps
2019-01-18 Patriots Quotes 1/18
2019-01-18 AFC Championship: Patriots - Chiefs Injury Report
2019-01-18 Presser Points – Brady: ‘The more film I watch, the less nervous I get’
2019-01-19 Keys to the Starting Lineup presented by CarMax: On the road again in K.C.
2019-01-20 Game Predictions: Expert picks for Patriots at Chiefs
2019-01-20 AFC Championship Inactives: Patriots at Chiefs
2019-01-20 Inactives Analysis: Shelton, Wise to sit out AFC title tilt
2019-01-21 On Location Experiences and the Patriots announce the sale of Super Bowl LIII ticket and travel packages for fans
2019-01-21 Campeones de la AFC
2019-01-21 Gamebook: Full Patriots-Chiefs Stats
2019-01-21 Kansas City Chiefs Postgame Transcripts 1/20
2019-01-21 Game Notes: Patriots advance to NFL record 11th Super Bowl
2019-01-21 Game Recap: In overtime, Patriots finally overcome road adversity
2019-01-21 Snap Judgments Conference Championships
2019-01-21 Stock Watch: Edelman, O-line and pass rush push Patriots past Chiefs to Super Bowl LIII
2019-01-21 New England Patriots Postgame Transcripts 1/20
2019-01-21 Best postgame quotes from Brady, Belichick and more
2019-01-21 Matchup Winners: Brady has final say in historic OT victory
2019-01-21 Patriots Advance To Super Bowl LIII With Second-highest TV Rating In Team History
2019-01-21 News Blitz 1/21: A Patriots overtime gem in Kansas City
2019-01-21 After Further Review: Patriots-Chiefs
2019-01-21 Transcripts: David Andrews and Matthew Slater Press Conferences 1/21
2019-01-22 News Blitz 1/22: Much more on the Patriots domination in K.C.
2019-01-22 Ask PFW: We're on to Atlanta
2019-01-22 Transcripts: Patriots Conference Calls 1/22
2019-01-22 Presser Points 1/22: Turning attention to Rams
2019-01-23 Catch Patriots SB replays on NFLN
2019-01-23 Super Bowl LIII Game Preview: Patriots at Rams
2019-01-23 Wrap Up 1/23: Patriots tackle Super Bowl logistics
2019-01-23 Patriots Quotes 1/23
2019-01-24 News Blitz 1/24: Patriots peaking at the right time
2019-01-24 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference 1/24
2019-01-24 Presser Points: Belichick - 'Easy to see why Rams are here'
2019-01-24 Patriots Quotes 1/24
2019-01-25 News Blitz 1/25: Readying for the Rams
2019-01-25 Samsonite Make Your Case: Key to Super success
2019-01-25 Participa y Gana: Vamos al Super Bowl LIII  
2019-01-25 Next Gen Stats: Red Hot Slot Attack vs. Tough Slot Defense
2019-01-25 Patriots To Offer Super Bowl-Worthy Content from Atlanta, Featuring "Patriots Right Now"
2019-01-25 SB LIII Bye Week: Patriots - Rams Injury Report
2019-01-25 Patriots Quotes 1/25
2019-01-26 Transcript: Tom Brady Press Conference 1/26
2019-01-26 Kirsch Kronicles X: Day 1 - Arrived in Atlanta
2019-01-27 Kirsch Kronicles X: Day 2 - Biggest send-off rally evah
2019-01-28 News Blitz 1/28: Fans give Pats huge sendoff
2019-01-29 Kirsch Kronicles X: Kicking off our coverage
2019-01-29 Cooks, Talib eager to face Patriots in Super Bowl LIII
2019-01-29 Flores focused on Rams
2019-01-29 View from Above: Still Here - and the meaning behind the mantras
2019-01-29 News Blitz 1/29: Robey-Coleman kicks off trash talk
2019-01-29 SB LIII: Receivers catching on without Gordon
2019-01-29 Rams D peaking at the right time
2019-01-29 Wrap Up 1/29: Belichick upbeat to start SB LIII Week
2019-01-30 Boston Children's Hospital challenges LA hospital to touchdown dance-off
2019-01-30 Banks: Goodell needs to get proactive in the effort to improve officiating
2019-01-30 Rams downplaying lack of Super Bowl experience
2019-01-30 New England Patriots Wednesday Pool Report 
2019-01-30 Wrap Up 1/30: Patriots get to work in ATL
2019-01-31 SBLIII: Blitzing QBs may not be way to go
2019-01-31 Scouting the Matchup: Physical Pats face tough test
2019-01-31 Banks' Super Bowl LIII Pick
2019-01-31 SBLIII: Dealing with the Rams running game
2019-01-31 Wrap Up 1/31: Patriots continue SB LIII preps at Georgia Tech 
2019-01-31 Three years, three Super Bowls: 2016 rookie class reflects on Super Bowl streak