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Patriots Unfiltered Q&A: Post-trade deadline reaction

Fan questions answered in this week's Patriots Unfiltered mailbag.


I think that one of the more compelling questions revolves around Gilmore and J.C. Jackson. Are one, both, or neither on the team next year? I'm curious where you feel the team's opinion on both players stands. Chas Ackers

With rumors circulating around Gilmore being traded at this year's trade deadline, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Gilmore will be on the Patriots past 2020 unless the Patriots decide to pay him significantly more. However, J.C. Jackson is one of the young players that this Patriots defense could build around. While a rebuild is imminent, the Patriots need building pieces and Jack-son is one of them. Megan O'Brien

To tank or not to tank? That is the question. I don't believe Stidham is the answer. I'd love Trevor Lawrence on the Patriots, but I don't believe it will happen. Also, the quarterback position isn't the only problem. How can we fix this? Luis Lazo

The draft is hugely important for the Patriots rebuild, but the draft is not the only place the Patriots will look to build their roster. As you mentioned, the quarterback position is not the only problem. It will be important for the Patriots to identify talented skill position players to help an offense that is lacking in production. The Patriots also desperately need to address the defensive front. If the Patriots find themselves in a position near the top of the draft, and they see a quarterback they think is the future: draft him. How-ever, with all the holes on the roster, it's important to not reach for the quarterback position. It's also important to remember that the team will be in a good position financially to add some veterans to build the team around. Megan O'Brien

At what point do the Patriots turn things over to Stidham? Randy in Pittsburgh

Many have been asking this question, Randy. It is a bit curious that Bill Belichick has said definitely that Newton is still the quarterback. Perhaps Belichick already knows that Stidham is nothing more than a backup. If the team is going through a rebuild, it would make sense to give Stidham a chance, but it appears Belichick will continue to go with Newton. Megan O'Brien

Would Belichick remain the head coach if Robert Kraft hired a general manager? Jeff Scott

It is hard to argue with the misses that Bill Belichick picked in the last half decade of drafting. With that being said, it's very difficult to react to one bad season under a coach and general manager that has brought 20 years of unprecedented success to a franchise. There is no excuse for Belichick's misses in recent drafts, but as long as he is in New England, he will remain the head coach and general manager. Megan O'Brien

Defensively, this is the second week in a row where communication is at an all-time low. At one point, the Patriots trotted out 10 players, and this is not the first time that has happened this season. What do you think is causing these miscommunications? Dorian Roberts

The miscues that you point out, Dorian, are very unlike the Patriots. Without fans in the stands, one would think communication would be easier, and these mistakes would be easier to avoid. There are many young coaches on the Patriots staff, and perhaps the lack of experience is showing up in these mistakes. Megan O'Brien

Is there an injured player currently on the Patriots that could help our offense, or do the Patriots need an infusion of young talent? Tyrell Butler

If healthy and back to himself, Julian Edelman could help the offense. Prior to Edelman's reported knee procedure, Edelman was not contributing much to the Patriots offense. At age 34, with many miles on his body, Edelman's best days are behind him. As underwhelming as Sony Michel has been, his return from IR could help the Patriots in the running game. A healthy N'Keal Harry could help the offense as well. Harry is another young Patriots player who has been underwhelming, but right now the Patriots offense could use all the help in can get. Looking to the future, the Patriots need an infusion of young talent and some experience in certain positions. A veteran tight end would be a nice piece to add in order to help teach Dalton Keene. Megan O'Brien

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